"Zydefunk will give you a taste of what bandleader, Charlie Wooton, experienced musically growing up in Lafayette, Louisiana. Taking you from the Lala in the backwoods to Mardi Gras in the streets of New Orleans. Take an exhilarating trip with ZydeFunk through Louisiana and beyond with bass-driven funk, with hints of Latin, reggae, jazz and blues! In the last 5 years Charlie has traveled the world with various artist from Louisiana mentioned below, he is now ready to take Zydefunk on this journey. Zydefunk was formed while Charlie was living in Atlanta missing the music from home, Louisiana! It started out as a project playing in Cajun Restaurants and Blues Bars around the area. As the band played more and more getting a positive response Zydefunk soon started playing bigger venues, multiple festivals and getting TV coverage."