Another engine powering the resurgence of true rock and roll, Zita is an invigorating, guitar driven, classic sounding 4-piece reminiscent of classic bands as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Guns n Roses with a ubiquitous, unapologetic New Orleans rock and roll flare. As lead guitarist Bradford Lewis puts it: "Zita is best categorized as New Orleans classic rock and roll of a decade between the 70s & 80s." Independent radio program directors and press outlets have taken kindly to the group’s debut 9-track album “Hardly Alive” in cities across the US. Those outlet’s include Offbeat.com, The New Orleans Advocate, and even ESPN’s own Tony Kornheiser who referred to the band as “Heavy duty rock and roll,” as he later proclaimed “God, I miss this kind of music.” “If old-school arena rock is to stage a comeback, it will come courtesy of young bands like New Orleans’ own Zita” said New Orleans’ famed journalist Keith Spera with nola.com. Claimed to be "the Classic Rock element that we’ve all been missing" and "embodying all that is vintage," the band brings back the true hard-driving, classic spirit of rock and roll. For hoisting an undeniably classic rock sound while establishing the ever-present spirit of their southern roots, Zita has been called “A New Orleans take on the classic rock revival."