Tyron Benoit Band
In 2003 Tyron returned to Louisiana and moved to New Orleans. In 2005, one of the biggest natural disasters in US history hit New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina. Tyron got involved in the rebuilding of a city in shambles, with many neighborhoods still without power due to massive flood damage. And during this season of heavy work, the conversations on the job sites often turned to music. Using generators to power amps and guitars in yet-to-be-finished houses and buildings, Tyron began holding jam sessions with other contractors. They even called themselves the Bywater Rock Group. It only grew from there... "When I moved back to New Orleans I really started to branch out musically, still fueled by that searching. I put myself in situations where I knew I was going to learn or grow from it. I was super thirsty for exploring beyond the boundaries of what we had been playing on the road. I started playing with many other musicians, and bands: reggae, funk, rock, whatever and wherever I could grab a bite of something, I was trying to get a taste. I even had the opportunity to lead a band for Big Chief Monk Boudreaux. He is a true legend, and knew I was now a part of New Orleans musical history.” Tyron is firmly at home now, with a growing list of gigs and venues, playing alongside a well established supporting cast: Stephen Randall - a seasoned drummer who played with Waylon Thibodeaux and Monk Boudreaux, Jonathan "Cujo" Limjuco - a bass-playing virtuoso and fellow bandmate from Monk Boudreaux days, and Randy Ellis on lead guitar - a Grammy-winning gunslinger who has played with the likes of Chubby Carrier.