Tiffany Pollack & Co.
Tiffany Ann Pollack is New Orleans. She’s the beauty that lies deep down within old pain – the letting go and kicking your heels up despite it all that defines the most mysterious American city. She’s been a foster daughter. A teen mom. A mortician. And when she sings, she’s a fluttering melody that slaps you with a smile. Raised north of the city in Slidell LA, on Bayou Bonfouca, just off the ditch-lined Bayou Liberty Road, she got her musical genes from a momma she didn’t meet until she was 25. Early on it was all-too obvious to her adopted family that the music of Southeast Louisiana was growing in her like a swamp iris reaching up through the shadows to sunbathe. “Who is this strange creature we’re raising? She’s nothing like us,” she pictures them saying as she hollered and banged away on a gutted player piano they bought her but didn’t think to tune. No matter – Tiffany turned to songwriting, kept plinking away and didn’t look back. Now a wife and mother of three, she’s in full bloom. Following a critically acclaimed debut album with her cousin, Eric Johanson, titled “Blues in My Blood,” she’s set to release her first solo project of all-original songs, “Bayou Liberty,” and is fast becoming a highly sought-after regular at clubs all around the city with her band Tiffany Pollack and Co.