The Vettes
"Put the rumors to rest The Vettes is, in fact, a family band, but don't be fooled: they don't line dance and their father did not lock them in the attic with the instruments as children. ""in order to fully grasp the concept one must first dismiss the preconceived notions of all the real life and fictitious family band stereotypes we've all come to know and hate,"" says Rachel Vette, lead vocalist and sister. Rachel , Todd, Chad, Brian, and Mitch Vette collectively known as The Vettes are all sister and brothers with Mitch being ""adopted"" into the family as an honorary brother in 2005, a few months after he joined the band; they began performing together in their teens and early 20s as each sibling was individually enlightened with a passion for music within the same year. With influences ranging from one hit wonders of the 80's like Aha, and Flock of Seagulls to cult favorites Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, oasis, and Elastica, The Vettes is the first new wave/alternative/ rock outfit to come about in some time the actually makes you miss and appreciate the 80's. Since 2005 The Vettes have been making a mark on the scene of their hometown, New Orleans, La, and the U.S. and have releases countless untitled demo cd's before officially releasing their T.V. EP in 2008 and a full-length album PLASTICVILLE in 2010. Their next release is due out soon. "