In early 2017, acclaimed New Orleans drummer Terrence “Groove Guardian” Houston was looking for inspiration. Already in the midst of a successful career that included work with The Funky Meters and George Porter Jr’s own projects, Houston knew it was time to find a sound of his own. He contacted bassist Noah Young, known as a member of post-jazz powerhouse Naughty Professor. What started as a few casual jam sessions in Houston’s practice space in a storage facility soon became the beginnings of a new project. Young tapped childhood friend and guitarist Max Bronstein, a relative new-comer to the city, to join in on several writing and recording sessions. When the group added keyboardist/vocalist Sam Kuslan they knew they had something special. Slugger has quickly become one of New Orleans most exciting new bands, drawing praise from both fellow musicians and the avid listeners who frequent the city’s vibrant live music scene. Combining elements of fusion, funk and gospel music, Slugger represents the confluence of styles that makes New Orleans a unique musical and cultural hub. As the group finds themselves on a trajectory few anticipated, one thing is certain- Houston and his collaborators have found their inspiration.