Poisson Rouge
In 2019, Poisson Rouge began as 5 member group from Lafayette, LA. Each member has crossed paths either as college friends or colleagues as music educators. The sound of Poisson Rouge can be best described as a perfect blend of traditional Cajun/Creole fused with the unique, influential sound that each member brings to the ensemble. Kylie, lead songwriter, singer, and accordionist, has a passionate style of creating songs that will make the listener come back for more. Her lyrics are often written and sung in French to reflect and promote her family's rich Louisiana culture. Make no mistake, Poisson Rouge is a band of friends that is here to deliver a unique take on Louisiana music. Along with their passion for performing comes their love of teaching and promoting the cultures of Louisiana. They accomplish this through the music they write, perform, and teach. Kylie and her husband Gregg are music educators who regularly incorporate traditional Louisiana music into their individual lessons. They, along with friends, are sponsors of a Cajun/Creole music camp for children held throughout the year named Petit Cajuns. Nous Sommes: Kylie Griffin - Singer/Songwriter Accordion, Jude Pryor - Guitar, Jason Harrington - Guitar / Harmonica / Fiddle, Bradley Gueho - Frottoir, Gregg Griffin - Electric Bass, Scott Domingue - Percussion