Partners N Crime & The Big Easy Band featuring DJ Jubilee
Partners-N-Crime is a rap group from New Orleans made up of Kango Slimm (born Walter Williams) and Mr. Meana (born Michael Patterson), friends raised in the 17th ward. The music is different from regular New Orleans bounce music in that they are able to rap to it. DJ Jubilee (born Jerome Temple) is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. DJ Jubilee began DJing at parties in the 1980s and achieved significant recognition for his 1993 cassette single Do The Jubilee All. His 1998 debut album Take It To the St. Thomas debuted at #61 on Billboard's Top R&B albums chart for the week of May 9, 1998. In November 2013, DJ Jubilee headlined the first bounce show to be performed at New Orleans' Preservation Hall with the Big Easy Bounce Band.