Ovi-G Froggies
The name of the band has roots from a musical family heritage, starting in the 40s, where you could hear in Guatemala, Central America, The Marimba Band "LOS RANAS" (Spanish for The Frogs) formed by their grandparents, parents and uncles. Then, in the 80s ""EL GRUPO RANA"" (Spanish for The Frog Band) is created by their parents and uncles. They created ideas more modern within the tropical category, especially with their rhythm SOCA. In the year 2000, Ovi-G and the FROGGIES, comes in. Formed by the 3rd generation of this musical family, having ideas of making a mix with all the above: MARIMBA, SOCA, and TROPICAL. OVI-G, Ovidio Giron, who is the musical director of this band, has formed part of many well-known bands in Guatemala and El Salvador, being his greatest accomplishment the Band Grupo Rana from Guatemala, as founder and owner, singer, drummer, musical director, composer and arranger and also making national (Guatemala) and international hits that after 20 years are still being heard today in many radio stations. He now lives in New Orleans, where he has been part of many local bands, and with his 3 children, now young adults, have formed this new band Ovi-G and the Froggies, who initiate from their home, musically guided by him.