Mike Harvey's Hot Club
Mike Harvey’s Hot Club employs the acoustic string instrumentation inspired by the legendary Quintette de Hot Club du France of the 1930s, and moves it into today’s context, drawing repertoire and a playing style not only from the classic gypsy jazz sound, but from many places past and present. While a show strictly depicting the Django Reinhardt/ Stephane Grappelli hot swing repertoire is something very much in this group’s bag, they choose to push it forward with original compositions and arrangements of modern tunes, sprinkling the classic repertoire into their set, to pay homage, stay grounded, and keep happy those patrons who came out to see a Django band! Mike Harvey’s Hot Club performs all of this with the virtuosity and expressiveness of seasoned jazz musicians who work full-time on the New Orleans scene. From wine bars to society functions to concert halls, their sound is always right at home.