Marty Peters and the Party Meters
Based in New Orleans, Marty Peters and The Party Meters offer a bold, high energy take on traditional jazz and the music of their city. The group’s catalog focuses on paying homage to the rich historical, musical, and cultural influences of New Orleans while simultaneously pushing the genre forward as a living art. Frontman Marty Peters, stocks every show with soulful vocals and blazing saxophone lines backed by a cast of professional, full time New Orleans based musicians who have cut their teeth playing around the city as a band and separately in other projects. For this reason, each musical voice speaks confidently and brings a breadth of influences to the table, which seamlessly blend into a cohesive and intuitive sound, and a show that is undeniably entertaining. Audience members can expect to enjoy a mix of rip-roarin’ instrumental arrangements, heart-felt sentimental numbers, and hard swingin’ numbers that also make each show an experience through audience engagement. By encouraging call and response vocals with the crowd, interjecting entertaining quips and banter, and presenting a show that is welcoming and inclusive, fans come away with the euphoria of a down home meal for the ears. Ultimately, the sound of the band both on stage and recorded exudes passion, dedication, and musical mastery, yet balances these qualities with a willingness to just have some damn fun! Marty Peters and the Party Meters bring the heart and soul of New Orleans’ deep and beautiful culture wherever they perform.