Mahogany Brass Band
The Mahogany Brass Band is the youngest New Orleans group playing Traditional Jazz in the swinging style of the old masters. Many of the local brass band have followed the changing times and embraced the contemporary funk of the 90's. Though the Mahogany has no trouble getting down and dirty with the best of them, they have chosen to keep the music that made New Orleans the ""Birthplace of Jazz"" alive, Traditional Jazz! Their smooth, swinging style has earned them a reputable position on the local music scene. The undulation is further enhanced by the big band style of arrangements of Brice Miller. Miller focuses on dynamics, counterpoint and the tension of dissonance being relieved by diatonic pleasure, something that is often ignored. The Mahogany has worked diligently as a unit to get to this point, and now with more people being able to experience and appreciate them, only the future knows what is in store.