Love Evolution
Love Evolution is the voice of Semaj & Mr. Lorrius. The name symbolizes the mission of this extraordinary duet. They are united in love, life, creating family and in their purpose to musically motivate the world to move beyond destructive revolution to peaceful evolution. These songwriters focus their lyrics on love conquering hate. Semaj & Mr. Lorrius step out the box when it comes to genres. Their music is folk, hip-hop, soul, funk, pop and blues wrapped up in something new. They have boiled their music down to its most natural form: Urban-Folk. Semaj & Mr. Lorrius are the voice of the common person that strives for a better life. The music offers a serious yet entertaining look at society and culture. When people embrace the message of Love Evolution Music, they are part of a powerful creative force, driven by harmony and intoxicating melodies. These entrepreneurs embody the One Love soulful message of Bob Marley, the urban hip-hop bop of the Fugees, eccentric smooth sex appeal of Prince, the undeniable energy and emotion of James Brown, the acoustic drive of Richie Havens, the tactful sing-along lyrics of Michael Jackson, with the harmonizing mechanics of Simon & Garfunkle.