King James & The Special Men
Hailing from New Orleans, King James & the Special Men's music is unadulterated Rock and Roll, plain and simple. Like Professor Longhair, Little Richard, Guitar Slim, and the Stooges, King James & the Special Men like it raw, frenetic, and dangerous. Like Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino and the Ramones, they like simple, good songs that are easy to dance to. Like you, they possess the most discerning of tastes, prefer a nice Sativa, and always drink Champagne with their pinky fingers out. King James & the Special Men exist on a different plane, like a destination more than a musical combo. People travel great distances to see them, they make pilgrimage, they arrive, and they drink straight from the fountain. Time slips away, the old become young, the young become wise, and for a glorious moment the end doesn’t seem quite so near after all.