Jones Sisters
The Jones Sisters, the daughters of Devin and Genesa H. Jones, are a group of young ladies from Marrero, Louisiana, the Westbank of New Orleans. Born with the gift of music, Kayla, Kiera, Dalia, and Dejon, have been singing since before they knew the alphabet. They are all highly disciplined students and are active in church activities. It started when they were infants listening to their parents sing and play music at home and in church. Both parents are active in church with the mother being the choir director and the father being a musician. They would match tones perfectly with their parents as babies. Their parents realized the gift and began to nurture it. All the parts were there to form a group with soprano, alto, and tenor harmonies. Other musical gifts were displayed when Kiera began to play piano. She played so well that she became the musician for The Jones Sisters.