glbl wrmng
glbl wrmng is a collective of New Orleans native and/or based creatives ranging from but not limited to songwriters, lawyers, producers, visual and performing artists, publishers, singers, musicians, emcees, engineers, managers, photographers, activists, curators, and much more. Lead by native creatives Pell, the Award-winning Emcee/Producer , and Nate “Suave” Cameron, Songwriter/Producer, Cultural Curator, and Management Team Member of The Grammy nominated, Tank and The Bangas, the collective aims to produce a series of collaborative projects, music recordings, and workshops that not only foster a spirit of collaboration and unity amongst the young hip hop, visual artist, and music business community , but also as a catalyst for artist development, music business incubation, and education on key ares of the music business such as artist sustainability, licensing, publishing, etc. The collective is dedicated to changing the historic narrative of POC artists being exploited financially, culturally, and otherwise not only in New Orleans but in urban epicenters both domestic and abroad. Changing the cultural climate for how music business is done in New Orleans and creating one where artists and creators are placed on the forefront financially, creatively, and otherwise.