Girls Play Trumpets Too, under the artistic direction of Troy Sawyer
Girls Play Trumpets Too was founded in 2022 by trumpeter, music educator, producer, and composer Troy Sawyer. Troy Sawyer's musical journey includes Girls Play Trumpets Too. Troy grew up in New Orleans, the cradle of jazz, where he was immersed in a gumbo pot of creativity and legacy. His enthusiasm in playing the violin and trumpet is due to his family's musical heritage and the culture of New Orleans. He believed that the trumpet ultimately selected him because it embodied the calm of Miles Davis, the fire of Freddie Hubbard, the spirituality of Lee Morgan, and the soul of Louis Armstrong. He was motivated to practice daily in order to improve. Troy was aware of his development as a trumpet player, but he was unaware of his prejudice toward female trumpet players. He believed that women could not play the trumpet at a professional level because he didn’t see any professional female trumpet players growing up, and this belief was bolstered by the perception that these instruments symbolized strength, leadership, and masculinity. But when he was in high school, he met a trumpet player who happened to be a girl at Loyola University's Jazz Camp. Troy discovered that she was a great person and one of the best sight readers that can play. Thereafter, he remembered going to Dillard University to check out a female Jazz trumpeter from Canada while attending Xavier University at New Orleans majoring in music performance. She also played music from Miles Davis - one of his favorite jazz trumpet players. She was phenomenal and that experience destroyed all of those misconceptions, generalizations, and gender biases that he had towards female trumpet players. Currently, Troy Sawyer is a professional trumpet player and music educator. He has inspired a substantial amount of girls to play the trumpet throughout the years of educating the youth in New Orleans and he is on a mission- along with the girls that rock on the trumpet- to change the narrative of female trumpet players by putting trumpets in the hands of as many girls as possible!