Evan Christopher's Clarinet Road
Evan Christopher combines virtuosity, immaculate taste, and enthusiasm with a commitment to exploring the full range of possibilities in the New Orleans clarinet tradition. His highly personal brand of contemporary, early jazz strives to extend the legacies of early Creole clarinetists such as Sidney Bechet, Barney Bigard and Omer Simeon. Critics remarking on Christopher's dynamic expressiveness have coined his style close-encounter music (NEW YORK TIMES) and have called his respect for the music traditions of New Orleans, a triumph, joining the present seamlessly to a glorious past. (THE OBSERVER, UK). Christopher actively advocates for the cultural workforce and music education in New Orleans. He frequently tours with and records as a guest with forward-looking artists, while performances under his own name are often complemented by workshops and educational and community outreach. Occasional columns about the music scene and New Orleans culture for NolaVie.com, evidence his passion for the city's indigenous traditions.