Craig Klein - Talkative Horns A Musicial Conversation on Lucien Barbarin
Craig Klein just might have been the most heard and visible musician on the scene during this last year. The trombonist and vocalist stood in the spotlight at The Broadside with his fellow members of the New Orleans Nightcrawlers when the band won a Grammy award for its 2020 release, Atmosphere, in the Best Regional Roots Music Album category. He and the very hip and funky, street beat band has also entertained their live music-deprived fans with outdoor shows around town. An artist who adamantly declares, “I don't want to be put in a box,” also released a New Orleans traditional jazz album, Talkative Horns – Musical Conversation on Lucien Barbarin, in honor of his fellow trombonist and friend, the great Lucien Barbarin who passed away in 2020.