Conjunto Tierra Linda
Conjunto Tierra Linda (New Orleans, 2019-) is a collective of musicians from diverse United States, Caribbean and Latin-American origins. The conjunto plays fresh arrangements of classic salsa, Cuban popular music, original són-montuno and Latin-Jazz. Highlighting the musical roots of salsa the conjunto plays fresh arrangements of Latin dance repertoire and original music paying homage to the many distinct musical innovations by Afro-Caribbean traditions. Their approach is rooted in the Son-Montuno tradition developed by the Cuban tres player, Arsenio Rodriguez. Also woven into their arrangements are elements of a variety of rhythms including Guaguanco, Mambo, Chachacha, Bolero and Guaracha! You can hear Tierra Linda performing regularly in the New Orleans area for dances, festivals and special occasions. Contact for booking info. Conjunto Tierra Linda is led by bassist, singer and arranger Gabriel Case who started the band after moving to New Orleans from the San Francisco Bay Area. Being that New Orleans is considered by many to be the Northern-most Caribbean city, the musical project has enjoyed a warm welcome since it's inception and has found a home among the musical landscapes of the Crescent City. Growing up in a Latino household in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gabriel was immersed in a variety of musical traditions from Puerto Rican Bomba y Plena to Mexican Mariachi to Cuban Rumba to the annual Brazilian Carnaval celebration in La Mission, San Francisco. He was shown by musical mentors that many of these distinct folk styles have been borrowed from over the years to create the genre we know now in North America as Salsa. Outside of performing in New Orleans with the conjunto, the musicians often set up informal rumba sessions in the parks, collaborate with Latin-dance choreographers, and most recently, have embarked on recording an album of original music at Marigny Studios! Music for your mind, body and soul lives on!