Christien Bold & SoulSwing
Christien Bold, a Vocalist originally from the Crescent City, was steeped in the music of his influences from a very young age. The sorrows voices of greats like Nat King Cole, Al Jarreau, and Maurice White all made profound impacts on him starting at very young age. You can hear that impact in Bold’s own voice today. Currently, he seeks to fuse the old with the new, blending his matured, smooth vocal style with contemporary sounds. Christien’s emphasis on improvisation and freedom, brought on by his Jazz influence, is carried over to all of his music with no regard for genre. Christien Bold hopes to bring his Voice and Vision in to the future. “To convey, with honesty, the joys and of life in a way that always uplifts. This is Christien Bold’s goal by way of his voice and his music. With every breath he aims to share with his audience, young and old, the rich musical tradition of New Orleans that he has been so fortunate to be a part of in recent years. A tradition that, when fused with his own inner groove, has turned into the project he now dubs #SoulSwing. #SoulSwing is a band, consisting of great young musicians of disparate backgrounds but a unified sense of how the music brings us all together. That togetherness is the very essence of #SoulSwing as a concept. Rich and nuanced sounds permeated by broad reaching groove that everyone can identify with, enjoy fully, and hopefully even find a part in which to play.