The Legendary Barbara Shorts
"Barbara Ann comes from a Gospel background. “I got such a high from listening to my mother and the other ladies sing in church, I said to myself, ‘I want to sound like that.'” Shorts’ voice is powerful and deep, with a heavy vibrato as she jumps on the blues, traditional New Orleans jazz, standards and pop, always ending her shows with a spiritual, such as “Down by the Riverside.” “No matter what kind of song it is, I’m going to approach it in the same way. It has to do with what’s in my heart, from what’s inside of me. If I sing blues, maybe you have experienced what I’m singing about.” She has also performed as a soloist for Symphony in Black with the New Orleans Symphony and with the New Orleans and Cincinnati Ballet Company. She was recently filmed for the Pelican Pictures New Orleans Music series with the Gospel Soul Children. In June, she will return to play a 10-day jazz festival in Makai, Australia, where she is in high demand."