My name is Antoine Barriere also known as ANTWIGADEE! I’ve been performing as a DJ for about 10 years now, my style of playing and music selections are highly influenced by the diversity I have experienced in my life. These influences come from growing up in a black church, going to a predominantly white high school, and traveling to many countries around the world as well as touring in the United States. Over the years i’ve gained friends and family from Africa, Australia, U.S. Virgin lslands, and Belize, and of course being born and raised in New Orleans mixed with all the other influences has caused me to obtain a creative “gumbo” for music. I bond with crowds by marrying my music influences and high energy stage presence with awe-inspiring transitions . Other things: check out KNOWHERE, a series of experiences curated and founded by me, and go grooove to my mixes on my podcast debuting this friday LET’S FLY/ THE GROOOVE, you can check out the playlists from the mixes on Apple Music and Spotify and last but not least I am the founder of ToineyToineyVision which is an event marketing and creative design corporation comprised of several businesses.