Addis Nola
Addis Ethiopian Restaurant is a new gem in the sea of amazing New Orleans restaurants. Not only is it Family-Owned and Black-Owned, but it is also one of the only two Ethiopian Restaurants in the entire state of Louisiana. As a part of Dr. Alemayehu's vision for a greater New Orleans, Addis NOLA was created as a way to connect New Orleans and the diaspora to the land of origin, Ethiopia. The name "Addis" comes from the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, and translates to "New Flower". Connecting these two cities together, Addis Ababa and NOLA, you get Addis NOLA, a New NOLA. The shared aspect of their names is only one of the many things that connect Addis and NOLA, two cities thousands of miles apart yet so close. Believe it or not, Second lines in Ethiopia are a common form of celebration for holidays like Timkat, and above all else, the immense love for food and culture is shared as if they had planned it together at the same dinner table. Dr. Alemayehu and her family's story starts in Addis Ababa and continues through Addis NOLA. Follow "Our Story" Blog and our Instagram (@addisnola) for more fascinating details and insight on Addis NOLA, its unique yet connected cuisine and just some things that you never knew you needed to know!