Sam Price & the True Believers
" Sam Price & the True Believers is new original music, soulful and funky, from the heart and mind of Sam Price, featuring Ethan Shorter on drums, Conga Mike on percussion, Phil Breen on keys and either Matt Galloway or John Fohl on guitar. Since his teenage years, Sam Price has been insatiably curious about all kinds of music. He’s spent his career avidly following the muses wherever they happen to take him, and the result is a pretty diverse resumé. The latest additions are his new band—Sam Price & the True Believers—and a trio side project called Soul o’ Sam. the True Believers deliver a lush, full sound, with energetic melodies dancing over deep grooves. The positive vibes and mindful lyrics reflect a very real commitment to social justice and spreading the message of universal human love. Of his True Believers material, Price explained, “I’m mostly trying to communicate human love—the great force of good in the universe, the light against the darkness.”"