Bonsoir Catin
“Since Bonsoir, Catin burst upon the folk music scene in 2005, they have been rocking Louisiana dancehalls and festivals with their fresh Cajun sound that is a unique blend of ancient ballads, dancehall era gems, swamp pop stylings, and rock n’ roll blues. The Bonsoir, Catin sound rides a wave rhythm, a pulse, an under the skin sensation, a heartbeat. Kristi Guillory became a child prodigy of accordion in the early 1990s and has since earned her place among the modern masters. Kristi is obsessed with sad, pitiful Cajun songs, raunchy drinking ones and the fantastical lyrics of old Cajun accapella ballads. She is a poet, a scholar, an emotional and passionate vocalist and a fearless songsmith. Christine Balfa is one of the most respected and revered Cajun rhythm guitarists and singers. She is an inspired musician, fueled by her passion for her culture and the Balfa family legacy. Christine grew up watching and playing alongside her father Dewey and has since become a mainstay in Cajun music in her own right first with her band Balfa Toujours. Christine is also a gifted French speaker, writer of Cajun songs and a youth teacher at the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra. She is a founder of the Louisiana Folk Roots organization. Ashley Hayes began her musical journey with Feufollet at the age of 11 as a guitarist. She traveled and performed with the young group and recorded some of the finest innovated Cajun material of the decade. Ashley continued to play Cajun music with Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys and contributed to the band’s repertoire as a vocalist and songwriter. Ashley believes in song and is a gifted songwriter in both English and French. Three time Grammy-nominated Anya Burgess is one of the most important figures in South Louisiana fiddle culture. Anya is a renowned luthier and she owns and operates a violin shop, Sola Violins, in downtown Lafayette, LA. Originally from Boston, MA Anya came to Bonsoir, Catin as an old-time fiddler. She has since taken the Cajun repertoire and infused it with her own unique style. Anya’s fiddling and singing is powerful, rich and infused with a deep reverence for the old ways of doing things. Maegan Berard joins Bonsoir, Catin as electric lead guitarist. She began playing guitar at age 12 and calls Jimmy Page and her father her “guitar heroes.” Maegan’s father is the late, Grammy-nominated Cajun musician Al Berard, and she has toured extensively with his band, the Basin Brothers. Her melodic playing, rock n’ roll stylings and energetic presence is an added layer depth, soul and excitement to the group. Maegan is a prolific songwriter and native French speaker. Danny Devillier has been a staple of the South Louisiana music scene for over 20 years. Danny is a musician’s drummer; always tasteful, always creative. He is a gifted composer and holds a Masters degree in Theory and Composition. Danny’s playing is deeply rooted in rock n’ roll and jazz. As a Cajun drummer, his approach to rhythm is innovative and fresh. He is backbone of the Bonsoir, Catin rhythm section and his musical compass always points true North.”